Our Doctors

Our Doctors

Learn more about our team of physicians by checking out their videos!

Dr. Syed Abdul-Aziz


Learn about Dr. Abdul-Aziz's objectives with his cardiology patients.

Dr. M. Jaffer Ansari

Interventional Cardiology

Find out Dr. Ansari's interventional strategies to keep his patients out of the cardiac cath lab.

Dr. Bill Daily

Cardiac Surgery

See why Dr. Daily finds his career fulfilling and how he helps patients.


Dr. Prasad Kandula

Interventional Cardiology

Find out about Dr. Kandula's background and his role at The Heart and Vascular Center.


Dr. Hatim Mahmood

Interventional Cardiology

Learn about Dr. Mahmood's return to the Metro East and what he enjoys most about working with patients.


Dr. Hans Moosa

Vascular and Vein Surgery

Learn about Dr. Moosa's role at The Heart and Vascular Center and his unexpected hobby. 


Dr. Patrick Neville

Vascular Surgery

Find out more about why Dr. Neville thinks collaboration is important at The Center and how he can improve a patient's quality of life.


Dr. Melanie Nukala

Vascular Surgery

Learn why Dr. Nukala decided to become a vascular surgeon and what she enjoys most about what she does.


Dr. John Sadoff

Cardiac Surgery

Learn what brought Dr. Sadoff to the Metro East and what kinds of conditions he treats.


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